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In the Christmas holiday break of 2003-2004 I started on somehobby projects titled tagnetlib and Onyx. Tagnetlib was a library that manipuated the ID3 tags in audio files and Onyx was a Windows application that called tagnetlib and permitted editing of tag data in a convenient spreadsheet/grid format.

There were many classical problems with the original projects as result of writing "hobby" software without careful design and planning. Tagnetlib only manipulated ID3 V1.x and V2.3 format tags and was not extensible to edit other tag types or versions. Onyx was poorly structured, it was not extensible to allow other types of editing, and it used the licensed ComponentOne True DBGrid as the editor surface.

Important Note for Developers - tagnetlib is obsolete - In early May 2006 the first release of the NTag file tagging library is in a working and useful state. The tagnetlib library is now obsolete and all developers are encouraged to download and inspect the new NTag library. The NTag page describes how NTag uses an extensible plug-in architecture to process different types of tag file formats. The ID3 tag processor plug-in currently implements a large subset of the ID3 specification (far more than tagnetlib ever did). A WMA processor can read (but not yet write) Windows Media Format files.

The old tagnetlib project has been replaced by the NTag project.

The original Onyx V4 project has been replaced by Onyx V5 project.

Greg Keogh (02-Jun-2008)

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